She Sent Her Shaved Head Photos To Her Boyfriend In A Message, This Is His Reply!


What will you do if you find that your girlfriend suddenly decides to shave her head? Probably, it will be hilarious or peculiar. That’s just happened recently when a boy received pictures of  his sweetheart Amanda’s shaved head.

That women , known as “freakyfirecrotch69” posted on Imgur an instant message discussion with her boyfriend where she show her shaved head. And at the same time the whole conversation turned aggressive. Well, her boyfriend simply needed to manage this issue when he got a selfie of his better half where she seemed to have shaved her head.

On the other hand,  Amanda did not shave her head. She was just using an balding app and mocking her boyfriend. She just wanted to see the reaction of her boyfriend. After that, she updated a status where she said, “I had a balding app on my phone and decided to send a picture of myself using it to my boyfriend, assuming he’d probably know it was a joke,” wrote the prankster. “Well, turns out he didn’t, so I just went with it.”

Here are the screenshots of conversation between Amanda and her boyfriend:

shaved head

shaved head

Her boyfriend didn’t know that he had become the victim of a funny prank.

shaved head

shaved head

shaved headImages Via: Imgur / freakyfirecrotch69 




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