Landsliding Caused An Accident At Naran-Babusar Road, Stay Safe Travellers!


Mountains are the beginning and end of all natural scenery. Pakistani Northern Areas are full of natural beauty mountains, valleys lakes and streams. This beauty does not only seduce the people who are living in Pakistan but also attracts the foreigners. In the summer season, when everybody gets vacations from schools and colleges, a gigantic number of tourists come to these places like Naran Kaghan,Chilas valley, Hunza, Babusar top. But Monsoon rainfall in Pakistan is responsible for many harmful and dreadful incidents like landsliding.

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The main reasons of these incidents are flood, land sliding and many other natural blights. A lot of rain and overflow of water causes flood and landsliding. In this condition, it’s very risky to travel on the highways that connect the Northern Areas.

Not so far, due to heavy landsliding in Naran-Babusar road that connects to these areas was suspended. There have been several reports of damage and missing laborers and locals from the area after a flood hit the Gonar Farm area of the District Diamer. Several accidents on the road that crushed vehicles were also reported.

Due to heavy rainfall in that areas the supply of electricity has been cut off to Chilas and destroyed many other residential and tourists points. In monsoon season during rainfall, it’s very risky to travel towards the Northern areas.

It is an advice that when you decide to travel, always make sure you are aware of the weather conditions of that specific place. Because your life depends on the decisions you take. So if you want to enjoy your summer, act on the advice. Share this information and aware the others from these natural blights. Landslides and flooding in the surrounding areas are causing accidents.

Life is important, so stay safe and be aware of mother nature’s furies like landsliding etc.

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