What This Dulha Did To Save His Shaadi Will Make You Salute Him!


Who you are about to meet is the most determined and brave Dulha. He is hailing from Gujranwala who didn’t stop as it rained heavy and streets got all Venice like. His efforts to save his Shaadi are sheer representation of his commitment and love.

Shaadi isn’t a piece of cake in it real essence. It asks you to stay together, strong, for each other, through thin and thick, better or worse. And verily, Shaadi reveals the level of commitment, dedication and love in one person who his or her beloved.

Express Tribune 

As you can see clearly, the streets are full of water due to rain, as it usually happens in local areas of Pakistan, except a few fortunate ones. But still, bravery of this Dulha to save his Shaadi is nothing but appreciable.

Who in today’s era will actually come out of his ride, all dressed up for his Shaadi in flooded streets on his way to get his bride? This Dulha right here is that kind of guy. As his car broke down the way, he didn’t just stop for help to come. Rather he decided to get out on his own and do all he can. Bring it on baby.

Happy wedding to him! LOL

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