A Couple Travelling From Switzerland To All Over Asia On Motorbikes Finally Arrived Pakistan!


Travelling is fun, right? We Pakistani’s are adventurous by nature. But this Adventure thing does not only confined to us. There is huge number of people out there who loves travelling. Yes, we’ve come across a news about a couple who started their journey from Switzerland to all over asia and now they’re at our homeland.

Xenia and Tinu use to travel to places on motorbikes. They love to discover new things, new people, new traditions and culures. I guess for that culture thing, they’ve come to the right place. Yes! The Mighty Pakistan.

They started their journey for the purpose of discovering places in the region of asia and after travelling many kilometres. They’ve reached Pakistan on 4th september from China.

Let’s just have a look at their photos. Shall we?

The couple is admiring pakistan since they entered into this country. This country’s people have always been kind to tourists. According to both travelling love birds, people of Pakistan are smooth in english and they’ve found these local guides very friendly. Well, pleasure is entirely ours.

They, at this time, exploring northern areas of Pakistan after that they’re planning to move towards india. No doubt, India is one of the great country too, when it comes to art and culture. After India, a different country and a different culture and different food and so on. They’re also planning to visit Australia and New Zealand after their trip to India and Nepal. So much fun, isn’t it?

Xenia and Tinu hanged their backpack on their shoulders and went on a journey in Feb, 2017. They’ve been to many places i.e Italy, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and China.

All Images Via: XT Adventures/ Facebook 

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