3D Art Finally Hits The Roads Of Lahore And It’s Been Trapping People In The Art!


Explaining about the 3D art , Waqas said, “This is more of the illusion art, at some points it will just be paints for you but on some specific angles you will realize you are trapped in the art”.

3D Art at Muslim Town Canal, Lahore.

According to Waqas, this 3D art can be used for so many awareness campaigns.

Waqas belongs to Sialkot, a city known for it’s hard working people. He has been passionate about art work since his childhood. He would really bunk school just to get to the master who teach calligraphy.

After seeing his artwork, you’ll be amazed to know that he never been to any art university.

Though he tried to get admission in NCA but because of some issues he couldn’t get in. And now is the time when students of NCA approach him to learn the real time art.

While sharing another amazing event of his journey, he told, he was the big fan of one of the calligraphy artist who was professor in NCA-Lahore. He tried to reach to him but his assistant would never let him by saying, “Sir doesn’t have time”, and now, almost after 5 years, that very professor asked his assistant to contact to this amazingly talented boy and get some time.

Legendary Waqas enjoying his 3D art. Via: Facebook

So this is one of the amazing experiences of Waqas’ life,

“This is how hard work and passion driven people enjoy every bit of their journey even if it is hard at time.” – Waqas Ahmed

Apart of this, he has done 3D art for so many companies and had been invited on many tv shows.

But still we felt that he has not been given the value he deserves and the way he is making Pakistan proud.

So, Give it a share so that everyone can enjoy this piece of 3D Art.  Because “Art  Matters”.



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