Wondering what to do on 14 August, The Independence Day? Well, We’ve Some Ideas!


After a lot of research, my mother’s prayer and my father’s overconfidence. I, the writer, somehow managed to compile a list of do’s and dont’s on the independence day. Here we go.

Silencer Freaks:

Are you a Silencer freak? No? You’re a human then, Congratulations. Seriously, Avoid riding bikes with you silencer off. We know you love Pakistan but trust me, you’re better than this (Bikes without Silencer) and your parents love you.

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Recall your childhood memories, decorate your homes with lights and paper flags (Jhandiyaan). In this way, you’ll get busy and the plus point is You can recall your precious childhood memories of The independence day.

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Go for a Drive:

Yes! Go for a drive, visit and appreciate the beauty of pakistan. And please, play songs like “Dil Dil Pakistan” , “Jazba Junoon” , I’ve seen people playing “4 Botal Vodka” with flag in hands. I feel pity for them. Anyway, Happy Independence day to them too.

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Face painting:

Ever done something like face painting? Go for that thing, it’s cool. You’ feel amazingly patriotic.

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Dress Combination:

Girls, here comes your favorite part. Wear green and white dresses, you’ll look beautiful. So, Guys go for green and show them how much do you love pakistan.

VIa: StylesGap.com

13th Night Celebration:

Gather your friends, play patriotic songs and the best part enjoy food.13th night celebrations are best than the next day.

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Find the place to enjoy fireworks at the night. For Lahorians, Liberty and Bahria town is the best place. For karachites, tell us the place in comments.

Via: Dawn

Use Social Media to Show your love:

Yes, Wish other people on social media platforms and tell them how much you love Pakistan. Wish them the Independence day. And Pardon the haters, they’re always ready to rage war on people. But don’t worry we have a best response for them:

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Thank you Muhammad Ali Jinnah, for the best part of land for us. We love you, we love Pakistan. Pakistan Zindabad. Happy Independence day to all.

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